Open source IT solutions
for financial markets

Gaia Transparence is a software vendor specialized in financial markets. Our comprehensive open source platform contains the tools necessary to address the needs of fund managers, traders and risk managers. Our off the shelf solutions handle new regulatory requirements such as look through for Solvency 2 reporting, EMIR trade reporting and margining, Basle3 delta CVA...


A key benefit of open source is “transparency”. As the source code is available it can easily be audited by the users or auditors. Along with our turnkey applications, we deliver “Generic trades”, “Positions” and underlying objects.


Users pilot the development and share all the specific instance types. User group members can mutualize enhancement costs.

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However, we are aware that every institution is unique. You might want us to taylor fit your needs or make sure our solution goes in the direction you wish. 
We can provide funded development or you could take part in our customre partnership program

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